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So you're interested in sponsoring, or purchasing a vendor booth for our next event. Great! We have 5 seperate ways to get you in front of our customers at 5 different price points for our next event.


1. Sponsored Logo On Our Flyers $50

The flyers for this upcoming event are already printed, but we can get your logo posted on our flyers for  our next event after this upcoming one. we generally print between 1000 - 5000 flyers and pass them out all over the DFW Metroplex.

2. Sponsored Link On Website And Emails $100

Our events are promoted daily through our email list of over 16000 local potential customers in the DFW area. We also run advertisements across different forms of media that bring in thousands of views a week to our event page! Your link or logo can be posted on our event page of our website, and contained in every email as a clickable link that can send potential customers directly to  your website or social media page!

3. Vendor Booth At Event $150

We expect to host between 150-200 business-minded consumers between the ages of 25-35 at our next event. It will be at Live Wick's in Arlington, Tx. We can set you up with a vendor booth at the event which will contain a 6-foot table that you can sell your merchandise and products to potential customers. We currently have 4 booths left.

4. Logo Sponsorship At Event $200

The venue for our next event has several screens all around the venue that we put our logos on for high-level branding. We can add your logo along with ours which means that all patrons at the venue will see your brand for your company 100% of the time! Patrons will also be taking pictures and posting them to social media. Your brand is likely to be in those pictures which adds a nice value to reach even more potential customers!

5. Be The Presenter/ Host Of The Next Event $500 

With this package we can make it look as if your company is the one hosting the event and your company is throwing the party! In this package you get everything above plus your company name will be at the top of our flyers as the "Presented By" for our next event. The flyers for this event are already printed so this package will have to apply to the next event after this upcoming one.

Say what you will about the life of blogs, but even today with all the power that streaming services like Spotify yield for discovering new music, you can’t take away the power of a well-written review or feature, and the influence that individual writers have over whether or not we decide to listen to a new track.

That’s why we wanted to give a little bit of love to some of our favorite blogs for discovering new hip-hop artists and songs. These blogs aren’t just great at sussing out the hottest new tracks, they’re also filled with amazing writers who can capture the essence of a track and the artists who write them, with just the stroke of a few keys. While we’ve included a couple streaming-centric blogs as well, what we’re really highlighting here are the blogs that tell artist’s stories — and that’s why they’ve made our list. Check it out! 

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